Kangra Green Tea  - Loose Leaf - Stand Up Pouch

Kangra Green Tea - Loose Leaf - Stand Up Pouch

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Boasting an undertone of woodfire, this tea is the perfect companion throughout the day.

We recommend drinking this tea without any milk or sugar.
Kangra Green Tea is best served hot or iced with a dash of honey.

Tea Type: Green Tea
Wah Tea Single Estate
Caffeine Level: 

Net Weight:  200g
Suggested Serving Size: 2gms
Total Servings:
 100 cups

Tea Blend: Whole-leaf green tea.
Taste: Light and smooth with an undertone of woodfire.

Health Benefits:

  • Green tea is rich in antioxidants that fight various chronic diseases.
  • Increases metabolism and helps in fat reduction.
  • Kills bacteria and lowers the risk of infection.

    Many companies and brands have been built around tea. But we wanted to be able to ensure that our best quality tea goes directly from our estate to your home. Just as it holds for many things, nothing compares to a single-estate tea looked into personally by the owners. We also wanted to begin taking steps towards making Wah Tea a sustainable brand.

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    no micro plastic


    reduced water usage

    100% vegan

    cruelty free

    no micro plastic


    reduced water usage

    100% vegan

    cruelty free

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