Sell On Suspire

 Only companies and goods that employ organic, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free ingredients are featured on Suspire. View all of our brands right here

What are we looking at:

  • Is the raw material for your product natural or derived from plants?
  • Are the ingredients for your goods natural?
  • Do you use Fair Trade products?
  • Is your product vegan and cruelty-free?

How Does Suspire onboard new brands?

Our onboarding procedure is as follows:

  • Seller Application Form Exchange of Product Details
  • Questionnaire for Sellers
  • Selection of Products & Samples
  • The Seller Is Boarded

Why Send Us Samples, You Ask?

Before placing any of our items online, we put them through a rigorous testing process. Our staff tests everything because we want to make sure that we are only giving our consumers the best products available. The samples will also be used to photograph the products for the website.

Still interested?

Would you want to learn more about how we choose our products and have any inquiries about them? Contact us via email at