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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the men's shirts made of?

Our shirts are made up of organic cotton, which is sourced from organic cotton farms. It ensures both quality and sustainability.

2. Do the shirts have a comfortable fit?

Yes, our shirts come with a comfort fit design, making them suitable for all body types. However, please refer to the size guide of the product to get detailed information about the fit.

3. How should I wash the shirts?

You can wash most of our shirts in a machine using a mild wash cycle and cold water. However, please refer to the care instructions provided with each shirt to ensure proper maintenance. Some shirts may require hand wash only.

4. Are these shirts available in other fabrics besides organic cotton?

Yes, besides organic cotton, we also offer shirts in hemp, khadi, tencel, bamboo cotton, banana fibre, organic kala cotton, linen, and lyocell fabric. Each material has its unique qualities and benefits.

5. Do you offer handwoven and handmade shirts?

Yes, we take pride in offering handwoven and handmade shirts as well. These shirts are crafted with great attention to detail and showcase traditional craftsmanship.