Cannaking Go Cramp and Bust Butter combo
Cannaking Go Cramp and Bust Butter combo
Cannaking Go Cramp and Bust Butter combo
Cannaking Go Cramp and Bust Butter combo
Cannaking Go Cramp and Bust Butter combo

Cannaking Go Cramp and Bust Butter combo

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Go Cramp: Menstrual Pain Relief Spray - 50ml Say farewell to menstrual discomfort with CannaKing's Go Cramp, your ultimate companion during challenging days. This spray is a blend of scientifically proven botanicals featuring potent Vijaya leaf extract and Magnesium Oil. Go Cramp is a natural, effective, and soothing solution designed to make your menstrual days more comfortable.


Pain Relief Powerhouse: Vijaya leaf extract, a natural analgesic and anti-nociceptive agent, helps reduce menstrual cramps, inflammation, and pain.

Restful Recovery: Magnesium oil numbs the sensation of pain, relaxes muscle fatigue, soreness, and painful cramps, promoting restful sleep and aiding post-period recovery.

Chakra Harmony: Unique blend balances chakras, detoxifies the body, promoting overall well-being and menstrual harmony with the presence of hemp seed oil.

Targeted Relief: Gingerol, clary sage, clove, and other potent botanicals work synergistically to reduce abdominal pain, ease muscle tension, and relax smooth muscles.

Ditch the Dull Ache: Fennel & Vetiver alleviate the heat and dull ache of menstruation, reducing malaise and discomfort. Eucalyptus helps reduce inflammation lurking behind PMS symptoms and stomach cramps.

Bust Butter: Best Care For The Breast - 50g Bust Butter is a unique blend of lymphatic herbs and vegan omega fatty acids, crafted for the best care of your breasts. This fusion is designed to get the blood flowing, encourage detoxification, nourish breast tissue, reduce inflammation, and promote size, firmness, and overall breast well-being.


Antiseptic & Anti-inflammatory Blend: Frankincense, Pine needle & Geranium inhibit tumor growth, induce apoptosis of Breast cancer cells, balance hormones, and help heal breast tissue.

Regenerative Properties of Neroli Oil: Reduces scars, pain, inflammation, firms, and tightens sagging breasts.

Moisturizing Hemp Seed Butter: Aids in healing breast skin and recovery of breast scar tissue post-surgery.

Fenugreek Oil: Promotes blood circulation, milk production in lactating mothers, tightens, and improves skin health.

Vijaya Extract: A potent antioxidant for pain relief, muscle relaxation, and anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial effects.

Lymphatic Support: Promotes healthy drainage and overall breast well-being.

Antioxidant Powerhouse: Protects tissue from damage and reduces inflammation.

Toning & Firming: Supports collagen production for firmer, uplifted breasts.

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  • Vegan

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Cruelty-Free

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reduced water usage

100% vegan

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no micro plastic


reduced water usage

100% vegan

cruelty free

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