Let’s Go Green This Holi - Celebrate Eco-Friendly Holi With Us

Let’s Go Green This Holi - Celebrate Eco-Friendly Holi With Us

Celebrate Eco-friendly Holi With Us!

Holi is a festival of colours and is celebrated at the onset of spring every year. This festival signifies the triumph of good over evil and is celebrated for a period of two days in India.

On the first day, a bonfire is lit to symbolically burn all the bad and paves the path to a colourful and vibrant future. On the following day, Holi is celebrated by smearing colours on each other, splashing water with water guns and water balloons.

But as much fun and excitement this festival brings, we have over the years ignored the fact that instead of eliminating evil, we, in turn, have been making a mess either by wasting too much water or by being a negative externality to animals and plants with the after-effects of celebrating the festival.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can celebrate eco-friendly Holi:

1. This eco-friendly holi, make your own organic and natural holi colours

Regular holi colours are very toxic in nature and can lead to many skin allergies, acne and rashes. Colours are made of substances that can harm your skin, eyes, cause asthma, lung congestion and other problems. These colours tend to damage your hair causing itchy and dry scalp along with rough open cuticles. The same problems can be caused to animals if colour is thrown on them.

To avoid these harmful side effects, it is recommended to celebrate eco-friendly Holi by using organic and natural holi colours. One can use different flours and natural spices like haldi, amla, besan, maida to make colours along with flowers like marigold, red hibiscus or any other flower to arrive at more beautiful shades of different colours. These natural holi colours are good for your skin and hair too!

2. Don't use plastic bags, water balloons or pichkaris

Water balloons or pichkaris that are used during Holi are made of rubber and plastic. With the alarming growth of landfills in India, these short-lived particles will only add to the burden. This eco-friendly holi, we should all switch to using sustainable alternatives or better yet completely avoid these accessories from now on.

3. No use of water this holi!

Even by switching or ditching holi accessories there still tends to be a huge amount of water wasted. We should look to celebrate eco-friendly holi and dry holi this year. According to the world health organisation, every year around 30 litres of water is wasted per person during the celebrations of holi. So let’s all be responsible citizens and celebrate eco-friendly holi and dry holi from now onwards.

4. Do not litter

After playing holi we should look after our surroundings too! Make sure the place is clean and no litter is scattered around. All garbage should be placed in different bags and ready to be disposed of.

5. Avoid eating in styrofoam cups and bowls

In all celebrations and festivals in India, we tend to use a lot of styrofoam plates and plastic cutlery, to avoid the herculean task of washing up. With the excitement to celebrate the festival, we sometimes tend to forget that even this part has a sustainable solution. We should look to use biodegradable plates made of natural products that do not harm the environment.

Let's celebrate eco-friendly holi, by remembering the early years and living up to them. Let’s eliminate the evil of wastage and admire the good step that each of us takes. Let’s stop damaging the planet and start saving it.

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