Sustainable Brand Spotlight

Sustainable Brand Spotlight

In our very first brand spotlight, we’re talking pineapple leather and botanical blends.

Whether you’re a sustainability veteran or just making your first few plant-based swaps, we’re here to introduce you to some incredible Indian brands who are making sustainability more accessible and paving the way to a greener future.

At Suspire, we believe sustainability needs to be approached holistically to ensure you have more options when living a sustainable lifestyle or starting your sustainability journey. So, we thought it would be great to highlight two brands this month that show two very different sides of this lifestyle united in our collective common goal of offering thoughtful and sustainable alternatives:

A Big Indian Story: A home-grown ingenious 100% vegan plant-based leather accessory company.


Paul Penders: A company with over 50 years of history and expertise in producing organic and vegan cosmetics.

A Big Indian Story

A Big Indian Story (ABIS) is a truly Indian accessory and homeware brand that proudly designs and produces all their bags, footwear, clothing, jewellery and even handcrafted quilts in India. Everything ABIS makes is sustainable using environmentally friendly materials like Cactus leather, Texon (made from recycled materials and cellulose) and Piñatex (pineapple leather).

They’re the first Indian brand to offer accessories made of Piñatex; an innovative vegan leather derived from pineapple leaf fibre, which is incredibly durable and much kinder to our environment than animal leather.

Their gorgeous range is crafted with care by folk artists and cooperative societies, who are always paid a fair price, from across the country. Drawing from the continent’s rich textile heritage they strive to elevate Indian crafts offering ethnic, fusion and western designs in the highest quality vegan alternatives to animal skin leather for any occasion.

Some of our favourite cotton-lined Piñatex bag designs are a part of ABIS’ Tribe line, which are created by regional artisans who keep local patterns and handicraft techniques alive. Support artisan’s livelihoods and protect regional heritage #jointhetribe.

A big Indian story

Whatever your style ABIS has something that will catch your eye and maybe even a few compliments! So, you can easily make a sustainable accessory swap without compromising your own personal style. ABIS aligns with many of Suspire’s core values of making a real change, being more considerate of people and the environment in our purchases, and showcasing the very best of Indian craftsmanship.

Paul Penders

Paul Penders are green beauty pioneers who have been formulating Vegan, Cruelty-Free, EWG (Environmental Working Group) Verified and Halal cosmetics for over fifty years. Drawing from science and nature they craft all their skincare, haircare, makeup and fragrance from the finest naturally derived ingredients to perform safely, effectively and elegantly.

Beyond pioneering a greener approach to beauty, they also innovate many proprietary ingredient blends, including their own LevensESSENTIE Gold™, a century-old holistic infusion of 22 organic herbs, enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants found in all their products.

A star product Paul Pender’s Ceramide Recovery Serum contains not only LevensESSENTIE Gold™ but also vitamin A,C, and E to hydrate and refine skin texture for a hydrated and smoother complexion.

Paul Penders - Sustainable Living

Offering dozens of sustainable cosmetics, in recyclable packaging, from SLS-free shampoo to bb creams to baby shower gel Paul Penders has everything your household needs to look sharp and make the swap to become more sustainable.

They share Suspire’s belief that we should all be able to make kinder and more sustainable swaps without ever compromising on the safety, quality or effectiveness of the products we use in our daily lives. And through their EWG verification, they align with our view that everything we do should be done with the environment and reducing environmental damage at the forefront of our minds.

Paul Penders - Sustainable fashion

Suspire will always do our part to showcase the outstanding work of our brands and community members as we realise and appreciate change can only come through collaboration- with our brands and with buyers.

Whether you are swapping your suede handbag to A Big Indian story’ Piñatex bag or swiping on a Paul Pender’s lipstick, you are supporting the efforts of green brands and doing your part to leave a better future for the next generation. Make considered purchases, create less waste and be kinder to our planet.

Make the swap to sustainability with:


Paul Penders - Sustainable Living

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Sustainable Brand Spotlight

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