We Know That Planting Trees is Good For The Planet — But Why Is It Necessary?

We Know That Planting Trees is Good For The Planet — But Why Is It Necessary?

Importance of trees

We all know that planting more trees is crucial — but why is it the need of the hour? What is the importance of trees? Trees are essential for life on Earth. As the longest living species here, they act as a link between the past, the present, and the future. They are the biggest plants in existence – not only do they give us oxygen to breathe, store carbon, and stabilize the soil — they also provide habitation for the world’s fauna. Of all the things on your to-do-list, planting more trees should be one of them. Here’s why:

Trees Are Natural Carbon Sinks to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses

Let’s go back to middle school biology for a moment. We know that during photosynthesis, trees naturally pull in carbon (and water) from the atmosphere to feed themselves. Luckily, this process produces a useful by-product: oxygen. It goes without saying that oxygen is crucial for life on Earth. However, the main takeaway here is that one of the greatest reasons for increasing global warming is the rising amount of carbon dioxide trapped in our atmosphere — and trees absorb this carbon.

Since trees already absorb carbon, the importance of trees here is we need to plant more trees to combat the dire effects of global warming — 11,000 scientists have declared that the planet is facing a “climate emergency.

Importance of trees
Importance of Trees

Animal Species Need Trees to Survive

Trees provide complex microhabitats for fauna. When trees are young, they offer habitation and food to communities of birds, insects, and fungi. When old and ancient, their trunks provide hollow cover needed by species such as owls, woodpeckers, and beetles. One mature Oak can be home to as many as 500 different species.

Moreover, deforestation is a worldwide issue and it’s troublesome for animals that depend on the forest as a natural habitat. Even the largest land-based animals need trees to survive in the wild. To combat deforestation due to agricultural expansion and industrial urbanization, every single tree that is planted provides a home (and a future) for endangered animal species.

Plant more trees

Trees Provide Safety and Livelihood

More than 25% of the world’s population rely on the forest for their livelihoods and most of them use trees on farms to generate food or money. Forests provide food, fuel for cooking, medicines, shelter and clothing. More importantly, tens of millions of people earn their livelihoods by selling these materials – especially in developing countries. Forests also provide indirect links to livelihoods: nutritious soil for crops and forage for livestock, they also help in reducing soil erosion and pollinating crops. India has a huge population living close to the forest with their livelihoods critically linked to the forest ecosystem.

importance of trees

Trees Benefit Health and The Environment

The next importance of trees is that the canopies of trees act as a physical filter, absorbing pollutants and dust from the air. The average tree absorbs an average of 10 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year for the first 20 years. Trees are also known to have medicinal properties — Neem, Peepal, Babul, among other trees found in the Indian subcontinent have been used to treat health problems for years.

Trees absorb air and transpire it back into the atmosphere, filtering and controlling the levels of humidity effectively. And then there’s soil quality too. Did you know that trees remove carbon and toxic substances from soil? Moreover, tree roots also gather deep minerals and vitamins from the soil and pull them to the surface – this improves the soil even further.

Research also shows that within minutes of being surrounded by trees and greenery, your blood pressure drops and your stress levels come down.

Plant More Trees
Importance of Trees

Importance Of Trees To Protect The Future

Trees, being the longest living species on Earth, provide a lot of value to the ecosystem — us humans, animals, and the environment depend on trees for survival. Planting more trees helps in restoring lost forests, repairing damaged ecosystems, and mitigating climate changes. Importantly, planting more trees today ensures we’re leaving a better tomorrow for the generations to come.

We strongly believe that we do not inherit the planet from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children — therefore, the onus of planting more trees and taking care of the environment is on us, so the future generations can exist in a greener world.

Grow more trees
Importance of Trees

Our Mission To Plant More Trees

Every time you shop on Suspire, you earn impact points that can be used to plant trees (and coral tiles!) We have partnered with SayTrees, an NGO based in India, with the aim of planting more trees across the subcontinent.

When you shop on Suspire, you win impact points that can be used to plant a tree sapling. The more you shop, the more impact points you earn! The impact points can help you build your own forest. There’s no doubt that trees are necessary for life and for a better future, therefore when you shop sustainably on Suspire — you leave a positive impact on the planet for years to come.

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