Here's Why Plant-Based Milk Is Better Than Regular Milk

Here's Why Plant-Based Milk Is Better Than Regular Milk

The relationship between humans and food is changing day by day. We are becoming more and more aware on how food is effecting our diet and the environment around us. With dairy items having a lot of scrutiny around it, the whole system has been really confusing! The industry of livestock has been judged for it’s negative environmental, social and ethical implications. 

Recently, non-dairy milks have been experiencing an increase in sales and have acquired their spot in the dairy aisles. The number of people opting for non dairy or plant based milk is increasing – let’s understand why this is happening and what exactly is plant based milk? 

What Is Plant-Based Milk? 

Plant-based milks are made by grinding a bean or nut, then adding water, flavors, vitamins and minerals. Depending on how it was made and what was added, plant-based milk has a wide range of nutrients and sugar content. Protein, calcium, riboflavin, and potassium can all be found in cow's milk. All types of milk include the same nutrients, however the levels of fat might range from zero to full fat. 

Many people enjoy the flavour and variety of plant-based milks, thus their use is growing. People who are intolerant or allergic to milk also favour it. Some people also favor it because it is ethical, sustainable and a healthier option.The experts People who are intolerant or allergic to milk also favour it. The experts advise people who consume milk to examine the labels and base their decision on nutrition, cost, and personal preferences.

Why Choose Plant-Based Milk? 

While cow milk is still very much in demand, the sales of plant-based milk is growing rapidly. There has to be a reason why this is happening after so many years? Let’s get into detail here. 

  • The lactose, protein found in milk, may be difficult to digest for many people. This can further cause allergies and lactose intolerance
  • High quantities of saturated fats in dairy products, especially whole milks, raise the risk of heart disease. 
  • Full-fat milk has a lot of saturated fats, which can cause blood cholesterol levels to rise and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Whereas, plant-based milk contain no cholesterol.
  • Dairy farming is an abusive and unhygienic industry. The animals are often not cared for and equipment are not sterilised causing infections and diseases for the animals. 
  • Cows are treated like milk-producing machines and are genetically manipulated and pumped full of antibiotics ad hormones reducing their life span. 


Benefits Of Plant-Based Milk

  • Whether you are lactose intolerant, allergic or vegan, plant-based milk has always got your back! 
  • Since they are generally made of nuts and seeds and can be made into sufficient size by using small amounts, these plant-based milk have way less calorie count than regular milk.
  • Some plant based milk contain calcium and vitamin D, when consumed together is beneficial for strong bones and immunity. 
  • Plants used in plant-based milk requires less land, water, fertilizer, and energy to produce than dairy cattle.
  • Plant-based milks are also typically low in saturated fats. 


Types Of Plant-Based Milk

  • Oat Milk
  • Almond Milk 
  • Hemp Milk 
  • Soy Milk 
  • Coconut Milk 
  • Rice Milk 
  • Quinoa Mil


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