7 Reasons Why You Must Keep an Indoor Plant Near Working Area

7 Reasons Why You Must Keep an Indoor Plant Near Working Area

The fluorescent glow of overhead lights, the endless procession of emails, the ever-present buzz of activity – the modern workspace can feel like a concrete jungle with a productivity quota. If you're drowning in deadlines, battling brain fog, and yearning for a breath of fresh air (metaphorical and literal), there's a surprisingly simple solution nestled amongst the ergonomic chairs and filing cabinets: indoor plant décor.

Woman being stressed out from work

These leafy guardians of tranquility offer far more than just aesthetic appeal. Science, as well as happy plant parents, reveals a multitude of benefits to having a green companion by your side. So, put down the third cup of coffee (and that stress ball) and let's delve into 7 compelling reasons why indoor plant décor deserves a starring role in your workspace.

1. Manage Stress Levels:

Imagine a world where deadlines pass with ease and the mere mention of "inbox zero" doesn't induce panic. Plant power makes it possible! Studies show that the mere presence of greenery can lower cortisol levels, the stress hormone while reducing anxiety and boosting overall mood. Lavender, with its calming aroma, and snake plants, known for their air-purifying prowess, are particularly adept at reducing stress. Surround yourself with these leafy allies, and watch the tension melt away like morning mist under the sun.

Woman managing stress with the help of indoor plants

2. Improves Productivity:

Feeling like your brain ran a marathon on empty coffee grounds? Research at the University of Exeter suggests that plants can be the productivity tonic you need. Studies indicate that being around greenery can enhance focus by up to 47%, improve memory by 15%, and even heighten creativity. So, ditch the energy drinks and channel the revitalizing power of nature for a mental boost that lasts.

Increased Productivity due to indoor plants

3. Improves Air Quality:

Trapped in a cubicle jungle without fresh air? Not with your plants by your side! Plants act as nature's tiny air purifiers, filtering out toxins like benzene and formaldehyde, and improving air circulation. Think of them as leafy air conditioners, sucking in stale office air and exhaling oxygen-rich goodness. Breathe deeply, friends, and let the peace lilies (natural champions at removing benzene) do their magic.

Improved air quality indoors


4. Reduces Background Noises:

The constant background noise of printers, chatter, and one colleague who insists on "singing" along to their headphones can grind gears and erode focus. But fear not, as indoor plant décor can fix this too! Strategic plant placement can be your sound-dampening saviour. Plants absorb and muffle sound waves, creating a more tranquil work environment. A well-placed bamboo grove or a strategically positioned ficus tree can transform your noisy corner into an oasis of calm, allowing you to finally hear your own thoughts (and maybe even that important conference call).

5. Relaxing Visual Stimulus:

Let's face it, staring at screens all day can leave you feeling drained and yearning for a change of scenery. Enter the vibrant world of indoor plant decor! A splash of green on your desk is a mini-escape, a visual vacation for your weary eyes. A cascading philodendron or a cheerful pot of succulents can inject life and colour into your space, reminding you of the beauty of the natural world, even amidst the spreadsheets and coffee rings. Imagine a miniature cactus garden adding a touch of whimsy to your corner. These verdant friends offer a welcome respite from the digital wilderness.

6. Calmness and Mindfulness:

We all have a deep-seated connection to nature, a concept known as "biophilia." Plants tap into this innate need, fostering feelings of calmness and mindfulness. Taking a moment to tend to your plant, to witness its quiet growth, can be a mini-meditation session, grounding you in the present and easing tensions. A jade plant on your desk becomes a silent reminder to breathe, to slow down, and to appreciate the simple beauty of life. Imagine the satisfaction of coaxing a stubborn orchid into bloom, or watching a new leaf unfurl on your fiddle leaf fig. These moments of green connection can weave a thread of serenity through your workday.

woman practicing mindfulness and calmness

7. Therapeutic and Satisfying:

In the whirlwind of deadlines and to-do lists, nurturing a living thing can be surprisingly therapeutic. Watering, pruning, and observing your plant's growth provide a sense of responsibility and accomplishment, adding a positive dimension to your workday. Watching your little green friend thrive alongside you becomes a source of quiet joy, a reminder that even amidst the bustle, life flourishes. Imagine the pride of propagating a spider plant and gifting its baby to a coworker or the satisfaction of reviving a wilting fern back to health. These small acts of care cultivate a sense of connection with the natural world, reminding you that you too are growing and evolving.

So, there you have it! 7 compelling reasons to ditch the plastic cacti and embrace the power of indoor plant decor. From stress busters to productivity boosters, your plant companions bring a breath of fresh air, both literally and figuratively, to your workspace. Choose plants that suit your light conditions and watering needs, from low-maintenance succulents to air-purifying ferns. And guess what? Suspire has a stunning selection of planters to match your personality and complement your leafy companions!

a workspace surrounded by indoor plants

Want a cascading philodendron to create a lush backdrop? Suspire has elegant macrame hangers to make your vertical garden dreams come true. Craving a pop of colour for your tabletop succulent garden? Suspire offers hand-painted ceramic pots in cheerful hues, or sleek minimalist planters for a contemporary vibe. Feeling inspired by the changing seasons? Suspire's collection adapts too, with woven baskets perfect for rustic autumn displays, or minimalist planters ideal for showcasing delicate spring blooms.

Stepping Beyond the Basics: Unlocking the Full Potential of Indoor Plant Décor

Remember, your desk is more than just a functional space; it's an extension of you, a reflection of your inner world. Fill it with the vibrant energy of nature, and watch your work life blossom along with your leafy friends. But the journey doesn't end there! Take your workspace greenery to the next level by:

Creating a living wall: Transform a blank wall into a vertical garden using plant hangers, shelves, or pocket organizers. Imagine a cascade of ivy or a wall of trailing philodendrons creating a lush natural backdrop to your workspace.

Playing with textures and heights: Don't limit yourself to flat surfaces. Mix and match hanging plants, terrariums, and small tabletop gardens to add depth and dimension to your space. Imagine a spider plant suspended gracefully from the ceiling or a miniature succulent garden nestled in a vintage teacup.

Sharing the green love: Plants make delightful gifts and conversation starters. Propagate your leafy friends and share them with coworkers, fostering a sense of community and greenery at work. Imagine the joy of gifting a baby spider plant to a colleague or watching a shared herb garden flourish in your shared workspace.

Finally, remember, the world of indoor plant decor is your canvas. Get creative, experiment, and have fun! Your workspace is not just a place to work, it's a place to thrive. Let the power of nature be your guide, and watch your well-being flourish alongside your leafy companions.

So, go forth, plant parents, and conquer your workday with the power of greenery! With a little imagination and love, you can transform your workspace into a verdant oasis of calm, creativity, and well-being. Let the leaves be your guide, and watch your work life blossom alongside your plant friends.