Plant Power Pea Protein Isolate 900g
Plant Power Pea Protein Isolate 900g
Plant Power Pea Protein Isolate 900g
Plant Power Pea Protein Isolate 900g

Plant Power Pea Protein Isolate 900g

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Plant Power Pea Protein Isolate 450g - 25g Protein per 30g Servings | 4.4g BCAAA | Certified Clean & Vegan | 100% Plant-Based | Non-GMO | Natural Digestive Enzymes | Versatile

- Can be Added to Smoothies, Dough, Shakes, Baked Products, etc. | Unflavoured & Unsweetened

Experience the pure strength of Plant Power Pea Protein Isolate, a clean and vegan source with 25g of protein per 30g serving, enriched with 4.4g of BCAAs. This 100% plant-based gem is non-GMO and features natural digestive enzymes for optimal absorption. The versatility of this unflavored and unsweetened powder knows no bounds, easily enhancing your smoothies, dough, shakes, baked products, and more. Elevate your plant-based lifestyle with this certified and nutrient-packed Pea Protein, a perfect fit for your health and fitness journey.


85% Protein

Perfect blend of BCAAs, 4.5g per serving

25g Protein per 30g serving 

Environment Friendly

More protein fewer Carbs and fats  

0g Sugar

Digests easily, contains Digestive enzymes

For Muscle Gain:

Use half a scoop 30 to 45 minutes prior to workout to minimise muscle breakdown during workouts

1 scoop immediately Post-workout to start the protein synthesis to build muscle and avoid muscle breakdown

Add 1 scoop of Naked Plant Protein Isolate in a shaker, add water or milk, add a sweetener of your choice. Shake it Sip It Enjoy it. 

For Weight Loss / Meal Replacement:

Use 1 scoop of Naked Plant Protein Isolate in a smoothie, soup or protein shake and drink it for your meal.

An optimum amount of protein to keep you full for longer duration and without additional calories from carbs or fat to support your weight loss goals. 

Proteins help build muscle mass which increases your basic metabolic rate (BMR), higher BMR helps you burn more fat with gaining more muscles simultaneously. 

Vegan. Gluten-Free. Natural

Suitable for all (Vegetarians, Non-Vegetarians and Vegans)

Very effective absorption rate of upto 80%

Makes you feel full for longer time

Best meal replacement protein, just scoop it shake it sip it

0 Chemical adulteration like other proteins

Significantly less inflammatory components that other sources of protein

  • Vegan

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Cruelty-Free

Delivery DaysStandard (3-5 Days)
Return Policy This product is not elegible for return, replacement or refund.

no micro plastic


reduced water usage

100% vegan

cruelty free

no micro plastic


reduced water usage

100% vegan

cruelty free

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